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Name: Lukas Josh

Age: Embraced at 22

Skin: Marble

Eyes: Crimson (Naturally grey/blue)

Hair: Chocolate brown

Height: 6'1

Birth place: England





Special ability:


He has the power to imprison a person in their own mind - on the outside they would appear to be inside a trance, but on the inside they are trapped in a pitch black room.

Sired by Jezibelle Josh.

Maker to Cassandra Ellis.


"Shadow am I.
Like a suspicion that's never confirmed
But it's never denied
Wolf am I.
(No, "shadow" I think is better
As I'm not something,
More like the absence of something)
So shadow am I."


Mated to... Cassandra Ellis, even if it is a little complicated right now.

(it's just a matter of time.) Technically separated - if you want to give it a label.


"She meant it
I swear that she meant it
She whispered so often
"Husband, I'll always be here with you"
But always, always, always, always, always, always
Always is valueless
I wish I'd never heard her speak a word."




"You kept a distance out of fear you'd break,
but what's good a single windchime, hanging quite all alone?
The music our collisions would make
is a sound that turns the road-that-leads-us-back-home
into Home."

♥ ♥ Love interests: Cassandra Ellis ♥ ♥

♥ Bliss Grant - when he's making Cassie jealous. ♥


"I breathed your name into the air
I etched your name into me
I felt my anger swelling,
I swam into its sea."





"I hear you
You speak in every curling wave
And sing in every violent breeze
Someday not far away from here
My dear, I swear I'll see you
And we will hear the seraphs cry
For they will still envy you and I
How they envied you and I..."