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»» Relationships ««


»» Mate: None, and never will be tied down! ««

»» Love interests ««


I've come undone, but you make sense of who I am... Like puzzle pieces in your hand.


Cassie has love eyes for a lot of people who fascinate her (.) because it's adorable...

But it doesn't mean it's sexual.

Some love is platonic. She adores quirky people.

... and apparently gets infatuated easily.


»» Traits ««

» Her deep thinking nature and appreciation for subtle things in her surroundings means she is in tune with the environment around her making her able to sense changes in it. Being aware of her surroundings as well as observing people’s mannerisms makes her gift more convincing.


» By sinking into people’s minds she can create illusions, altering their perceptions and environment. Her gift is only limited by her imagination, and her imagination is VERY vivid.


» Despite this talent, she is most definitely not a fighter. Her physical strength is lacking but she makes up for it with unmatched finesse, which stems from her ability as a dancer. She’s inaudible when she wants to be and is naturally graceful. She’d rather avoid physical conflict, though she might test her boundaries to see how people react.


» Her coven often use her to confuse their enemies, leaving them completely vulnerable, she’d lead them to their own slaughter or weave a web of lies to turn them against each other. Underestimating her because of her dainty features and ditzy demeanour is a huge mistake.


» Likes «



» Creative/Quirky/Funny people «

» Music «

» Lyrics «

» Writing «

» Reading «

» Poetry «

» Art «

» Drawing «

» Adventures «

 » Being loved «

» Affection «

» Illusions «

  » Spontaneity «

» Dancing «

» Storms «

» Biting/being bitten «



» Dislikes «


» Being told what to do «

» Closed minded people «

» Arrogant/dismissive people «

» Losing her mind «

» Being told she's crazy «

» Jealousy «

» Commitment «

» Being obligated to do something «

» Responsibility «

» Reality «



» History «

   » You could ask her - but she'll probably be vague unless you're someone close to her.

 » Family «

» She's the type who tends to fit in anywhere, and because of this she has many groups or covens that she considers to be family. She tends to flit between them depending on her mood.

 » She's part of the Josh coven - and is considered a daughter by Jezibelle Josh.
 » Created by Lukas Josh - though she never speaks of him.



» Pictures! «




~Lovely, are you lost in these carouseling thoughts?~


The Goddess Of Imaginary Light.




 » OOC «

» I don't do sex RP, so you're wasting your time if you're planning on trying it - if you're NOT looking to get your jollies off over a computer screen... feel free to PM me. I'm super friendly! So uh, thanks for reading, you should reward yourself with a cup of tea or something. :]
Always a W.I.P





The Illusionist 

»» Birth name: Cassandra Ellis «« 

»» Nicknames: Cassie, Cass, Ellie, Poet ««

»» Birthplace: Oxfordshire, England ««

»» Race: Human ««

»» Hair colour: Blonde ««

»» Eye colour: Captivating Blue ««

»» Skin: Porcelain ««

»» Height: 5"4 ««

»» Body type: Slender ««


»» Latest updates ««


» In what was a very dramatic and heart wrenching moment - Cassandra, as a vampire was killed. Dust. Poof.


» After a very powerful ritual that took place, Bliss Grant, a vampire witch and Jezibelle, her coveness and accidental murderer revived her. Unfortunately, they failed to see that she'd be bought back human. Oops. 


» Now the impetuous little blonde is having an awful time adjusting to her new found vulnerability - her already fractured mind is shattering as the world that she loved is no longer there. Overwhelmed, she's completely lost her marbles. Awesome, right? Crazy people are so fun, and so is she, when she's not being self-destructive!


»» Points of RP interest ««


» Her blood smells alluringly sweet and new, to those blood-suckers out there. Oddly enough, she also reeks of witches magic from her resurrection.


» Without her medication, she gets a little mixed up... and the voices come back.


»» Appearance ««

» Her long, brilliant blonde hair gleams as it catches the light. Falling around her face to frame her delicate features and draw attention to her captivating blue eyes. Flawless porcelain skin soaks up the light, while she stands at 5"4, her body slim and dainty. She can be found in a variety of different types of clothing, depending on her impetuous moods. Though her style is generally eclectic.



»» Personality ««


» A dreamer, whimsical, impetuous, ethereal - she acts on urges and has little restraint on her actions. She is nonchalant and carefree, while being effortlessly cool. Her moods flip without warning, and she little control. She's generally very playful and light-hearted. She can be extremely childish, and is most of the time - though children can be cruel and so can she if someone strikes a nerve with her. 

» She can lose interest in people quickly if they're ruining her fun.


» Most would deem her crazy when she gets into one of her less subtle moods. All in all, she does what she wants to - even though she has the best of intentions... it doesn't always seem that way.


» She sometimes speaks in rhyme or poetry while drawing quotes and references from her favourite books or stories. It can be difficult to decipher her meaning, but there's always honesty in her words if you can read between the lines.



"Do I divide and fall apart? Because my bright is too slight to hold back all my dark."


»» In her mind ««


» She acts on impulse and sees herself as somewhat of a dreamer and profound thinker.


» She is fascinated by quirky people and has an appreciation for creative types. She often finds herself infatuated with musicians, artists, writers and poets.


 » Easily distracted, she finds it hard to concentrate on tasks entirely, flitting between conversations and her own thoughts – she often finds herself acquiring information like she has acquired hobbies over the years.


» She adores language and its uses, which might explain her poetic rambling which makes complete sense to herself but can be lost on other people.


» She definitely lives in her own perfect world where reality is a mere inconvenience – because of this she can seem naive at times. Her world is a coping mechanism where she can pretend everything is fine and dandy.


» There is vulnerability in her madness, and her moods can be be amusing, since she tends to be carefree and nonchalant most of the time - as if nothing really ever effects her. Those close to her would know otherwise, and inside she is a tragic, beautiful mess.


» Her mind is fractured, so it often means she can snap between moods quite easily, and tends to need people around her who can anchor her, since without a distraction or someone changing her mind - she'll go with her first instinct or thought... which can lead to... complications.