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» Extra Pictures! «

» History «

Kaitlyn was an average girl in most respects - a student who nonchalantly achieved straight A's while maintaining a busy social life... Which is why no one suspected anything odd when her friends car ploughed into a ditch in the summer of 2009. A tragic accident from the looks of the wreckage - an accident that should have left their families mourning the loss of the two girls. Kaitlyn had managed to fight her way out of unconsciousness, only to wake up to the shallow breath and slowing heartbeat of her best friend, Stacey. Pained and distraught, she'd tried to fight past the agony for long enough to check on her friend. She'd always been caring in that way, enough to put her loved ones before herself, even in a crisis. She'd thought her lost, until an odd light emanated from her fingertips and danced it's way around the driver's broken frame and seeping into her wounds, soothing away the hurt. Fixing broken bones and internal bleeding. She'd passed out after that, only to wake up to the bright lights of a hospital and Stacey by her bedside.


They hadn't been able to explain how she'd been miraculously unscathed, but no one questioned it, and Kaitlyn had thought her secret was hidden... At least until the day she ran into a mysterious woman in the park. She'd later come to know this woman as Genisis Knight - a mentally unhinged, soldier working for a top secret branch of the government known only as... The Sector. She'd been charged with the duty of capturing people with promising superhuman abilities, by daddy-dearest, a high ranking officer in the military.


Unfortunately, Kaitlyn was the first on the list, due to her intriguing healing abilities. She'd been taken down with little resistance after being caught off guard. She woke up in a cell a few days later, assumed to be in a facility of some sort where she was later enlightened as to why she was there. She'd be trained and recruited, whether she liked it or not.


The training had been brutal, and the dainty girl had most certainly been unprepared for it - broken mentally and physically from the harsh regime and what felt like an eternity in solitary confinement, she'd emerged changed and intent on biding her time before planning her escape. She'd knew her powers would be no match for them as a novice, but they seem to be growing every day, discovering new, darker sides to her healing talents.


What comes next is yet to be written... but she's sure she'll eventually have her freedom, even if she might have to play along for a while.


» Kaitlyn Taylor «

Nickname: Kait, K.T

Hair: Chocolate brown

Eyes: Dark brown

^Yellow when healing ^

Height: 5"2

Age: 18

Body type: Slender

Skin: Sunkissed

Origin: London, England

Occupation: Student

Orientation: Open minded, but has other things to worry about. ←

Interest: None.










» Gift  «

Healing touch


She has the ability to control the flow of life in living beings. Healing or harming them. Though she has little discipline over her gift and because of this, it relies a lot on her mood. She has more of the mentality of a healer, and prefers to embrace the restoration side of her powers. Though... she is a teenager, and her moods can lead to fatal consequences.

"If I could, I would shrink myself, sink through your skin to your blood cells, and remove whatever makes you hurt... But I am too weak to be your cure."


« Kaitlyn & Genisis - Unwilling partners »

» Personality «








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→ Finding herself


(This character is not and will never be intended for sexual RP - so if you're not a sex pest, I'm super friendly and you can PM me! Thanks for reading, oh, and this is still a work in progress. :] )